Open Realtime Laser Framework

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OpenLase is an open source library and toolkit for controlling laser scanners. It has an emphasis on real-time operation and integration with audio, and it uses the JACK Audio Connection Kit as a backend.

Features include:

  • Classic OpenGL-like API
  • Support for ILDA format sprites
  • SVG to ILDA converter
  • Built-in vector font
  • Realtime bitmap tracer (edge detection)
  • Python bindings
  • Video player (using the bitmap tracer)
  • Output processor GUI with perspective correction (projecting from an angle) and level controls.
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OpenLase can be used with any laser scanner controlled by a sound card, or anything that can interface with JACK. The projector used here is a rather crude DIY scanner.

OpenLase scanner plans


Demo with SVG manipulation and 3D graphics

Pure software demo using OpenLase

Realtime video playback with qplayvid

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