Old Stuff

These are projects that I once started or significantly contributed to, but which these days are maintained by others. You may have been redirected from an obsolete page to here.


I wrote the first Linux version of usbmuxd, a daemon that handles communications with iOS devices and which these days is installed on most desktop Ubuntu systems by default. These days, usbmuxd is maintained by the libimobiledevice team.

usbmuxd on GitHub

OpenKinect / libfreenect

In late 2010, I won the Adafruit OpenKinect bounty by writing the first open source driver for the Xbox Kinect a few hours after it was released in Europe. Later I re-architected the code, which became the foundation of the OpenKinect project. The code is now maintained by other members of the project, although I still run the wiki (on the same server as this site).

OpenKinect wiki OpenKinect on GitHub

I also wrote a simple alarm system using OpenKinect.

2015-05-25 00:33