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I apologize for taking this long to post this! I’ve been busy non-stop since 27c3 and never got a chance to get around to it. Finally, though, here it is: the description of the Mark 1 laser projector that I use with OpenLase.

But wait, there’s more! If you don’t have the hardware and don’t want to build it, or you want to try out OpenLase, or you want to be able to mess around with it on the go, you can now do that. There’s a new OpenGL-based simulator in the OpenLase tree. It works off of the JACK data (so you still need JACK) and it tries to simulate the dynamics of my laser scanner, including brightness effects and some of the physical limitations of the galvos. Here’s a comparison of the simulator vs. the real thing:

Laser vs. Laser Simulator

I’m aware that documentation on the software is still sorely lacking. Please bear with me while I get my act together and write that up :)

2011-01-31 20:48